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Command Documentation for qw-server

cmds available in qw-server
addipAdd a single IP or a domain of IPs to the IP list of the server.
Useful for banning people. (addip (ipnumber))
aliasUsed to create a reference to a command or list of commands.
When used without parameters, displays all current aliases.
Note: Enclose multiple commands within quotes and seperate each command with a semi-colon.
banban a player for a specified time
cache_flushClears the current game cache
cache_printPrints out items in the cache
cache_profilePrints a profile of the current cache
cmdlistList all commands
cuff"hand-cuff" a player for a specified time
cvarlistList all cvars
cycleCycle a cvar through a list of values
echoPrint text to console
edictReport information on a given edict in the game. (edict (edict number))
edictcountDisplay summary information on the edicts in the game.
edictsDisplay information on all edicts in the game.
execExecute a script file.
floodprotSets the options for flood protection.
Default: 4 4 10
(floodprot (number of messages) (number of seconds) (silence time in seconds))
floodprotmsgSets the message displayed after flood protection is invoked (floodprotmsg message)
fraglogfileEnables logging of kills to frag_##.log
gamedirSpecifies the directory to be used while playing.
giveGive userid items, or health.
Items: 1 Axe, 2 Shotgun, 3 Double-Barrelled Shotgun, 4 Nailgun, 5 Super Nailgun, 6 Grenade Launcher, 7 Rocket Launcher,
8 ThunderBolt, C Cells, H Health, N Nails, R Rockets, S Shells. Requires cheats to be enabled. (give userid item amount)
godToggle god cheat to userid (god userid) Requires cheats are enabled
heartbeatForce a heartbeat to be sent to the master server.
A heartbeat tells the Master the server's IP address and that it is still alive.
helpDisplay help for a command or variable
incIncrement a cvar
kickRemove a user from the server (kick userid)
listipPrint out the current list of IPs on the server list.
localinfoShows or sets localinfo variables.
Useful for mod programmers who need to allow the admin to change settings.
This is an alternative storage space to the serverinfo space for mod variables.
The variables stored in this space are not broadcast on the network.
This space also has a 32-kilobyte limit which is much greater then the 512-byte limit on the serverinfo space.
Special Keys: (current map) (next map) - Using this combination will allow the creation of a custom map cycle without editing code.

localinfo dm2 dm4
localinfo dm4 dm6
localinfo dm6 dm2
(localinfo key value)
mapChange to a new map (map mapname)
maplistList all maps on the server
matchmatches nicks as ban/cuff/mute commands do, so you can check safely
mutesilience a player for a specified time
net_packetlog_zapclear the packet log file
netdosexpireFIXME: part of DoS protection obviously, but I don't know what it does. No Description
netdosvaluesFIXME: part of DoS protection obviously, but I don't know what it does. No Description
noclipToggle no clipping cheat for userid. Requires cheats to be enabled. (noclip userid)
pathShow what paths Quake is using
plugin_loadload the plugin of the given type name and name
plugin_unloadunload the plugin of the given type name and name
printprint value at location
profileFIXME: Report information about QuakeC Stuff (???) No Description
quitShut down the server
removeipRemove an IP address from the server IP list. (removeip (ipnumber))
resetReset a cvar
resetallReset all cvars
restartRestart the server (with shell support)
saySay something to everyone on the server. Will show up as the name 'Console' (or 'Admin') in game
sayinfoSay something to everyone on the server. Will show up as the name 'Info' in game
serverinfoReports or sets information about server.
The information stored in this space is broadcast on the network to all players.
dq - Drop Quad Damage when a player dies.
dr - Drop Ring of Shadows when a player dies.
rj - Sets the multiplier rate for splash damage kick.
needpass - Displays the passwords enabled on the server.
watervis - Toggle the use of r_watervis by OpenGL clients.
Note: Keys with (*) in front cannot be changed. Maximum key size cannot exceed 64-bytes.
Maximum size for all keys cannot exceed 512-bytes.
(serverinfo key value)
setSet the selected variable, useful on the command line (+set variablename setting)
setaSet the selected variable, and make it archived, useful on the command line (+seta variablename setting)
setmasterLists the server with up to eight masters.
When a server is listed with a master, the master is aware of the server's IP address and port and it is added to the
list of current servers connected to a master. A heartbeat is sent to the master from the server to indicated that the
server is still running and alive.

setromSet the selected variable and make it read-only, useful on the command line. (+setrom variablename setting)
sleepWait for a certain number of seconds.
snapTake a screenshot of userid
snapallTake a screenshot of all users
statusReport information on the current connected clients and the server - displays userids
stuffcmdsExecute the commands given at startup again
sv_gamedirDisplays or determines the value of the serverinfo *gamedir variable.
Note: Useful when the physical gamedir directory has a different name than the widely accepted gamedir directory.
gamedir tf2_5; sv_gamedir fortress
gamedir ctf4_2; sv_gamedir ctf
(sv_gamedir dirname)
tellSay something to a specific user on the server. Will show up as the name 'Console' (or 'Admin') in game
toggleToggle a cvar on or off
unaliasRemove the selected alias
userReport information about the user (user userid)
waitWait a game tic
watchset watchpoint
writeipRecord all IP addresses on the server IP list. The file name is listip.cfg
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