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CVAR Documentation for qw-server

cvar flags
rread only. Must be set on command line or in the config file.
*Archived. Will be saved to config.cfg.
uUserinfo. Changes will be sent to the server.
sServerinfo. Changes will be sent to the clients.

cvars available in qw-server
    admin_passwordSet the password for rcon admin commands
    allow_downloadToggle if clients can download game data from the server
    allow_download_demosToggle if clients can download maps from the server
    allow_download_mapsToggle if clients can download maps from the server
    allow_download_modelsToggle if clients can download models from the server
    allow_download_skinsToggle if clients can download skins from the server
    allow_download_soundsToggle if clients can download sounds from the server
    cl_rollangleHow much a player's screen tilts when strafing
    cl_rollspeedHow quickly a player straightens out after strafing
    cmd_warncmdToggles the display of error messages for unknown commands
    con_interpreterInterpreter for the interactive console
    coopco-op mode for progs that support it
r   crudefile_quotaMaximum space available to the Crude File system, -1 to totally disable file writing
   sdeathmatchSets the rules for weapon and item respawning. 1 Does not leave weapons on the map. You can pickup weapons and items and they will respawn, 2 Leaves weapons on the map. You can pick up a weapon only once. Picked up items will not respawn, 3 Leaves weapons on the map. You can pick up a weapon only once. Picked up items will respawn.
    developerset to enable extra debugging information
    filterbanDetermines the rules for the IP list 0 Only IP addresses on the Ban list will be allowed onto the server, 1 Only IP addresses NOT on the Ban list will be allowed onto the server
   sfraglimitAmount of frags a player must attain in order to exit the level
r   fs_dirconffull path to gamedir.conf FIXME
r   fs_globalcfgglobal configuration file
r   fs_pluginpathLocation of your plugin directory
r   fs_sharepathlocation of shared (read-only) game directories
r   fs_usercfguser configuration file
r   fs_userpathlocation of your game directories
 *  gl_alias_render_triWhen loading alias models mesh for pure triangle rendering
 *  gl_mesh_cacheminimum triangle count in a model for its mesh to be cached. 0 to disable caching
 *  gl_subdivide_sizeSets the division value for the sky brushes.
 *  gl_textures_externalUse external textures to replace BSP textures
   shostnameReport or sets the server name
   smaxclientsSets how many clients can connect to your server, this includes spectators and players
   smaxspectatorsSets how many spectators can connect to your server. The maxclients value takes precedence over this value so this value should always be equal-to or less-then the maxclients value
    net_loglevelPacket logging/parsing
    net_packetlogenable/disable packet logging
   sno_pogo_stickdisable the ability to pogo stick: 0 pogo allowed, 1 no pogo, 2 pogo but high friction, 3 high friction and no pogo
    passwordSet the server password for players
    pausableToggle if server can be paused 1 is on, 0 is off
    pr_boundscheckServer progs bounds checking
r   pr_checkextensionsindicate the presence of the checkextentions qc function
    pr_deadbeef_entsset to clear unallocated memory to 0xdeadbeef
    pr_deadbeef_localsset to clear uninitialized local vars to 0xdeadbeef
    pr_debugenable progs debugging
    pr_double_removeHandling of double entity remove. 0 is silently ignore, 1 prints a traceback, and 2 gives an error. Works only if debugging is available and enabled
    pr_faultcheckscapture and handle division by 0 in progs
    pr_gcEnable/disable the garbage collector. 0 is off, 1 is on, 2 is auto (on for newer qfcc progs, off otherwise)
    pr_gc_intervalNumber of frames to wait before running string garbage collector.
    pr_source_pathwhere to look (within gamedir) for source files
    qportThe internal port number for the game networking code. Useful for clients who use multiple connections through one IP address (NAT/IP-MASQ) because default port is random.
    r_skynameDefault name of skybox if none given by map
    rcon_passwordSet the password for rcon 'root' commands
    registeredIs the game the registered version. 1 yes 0 no
   ssamelevelDetermines the rules for level changing and exiting. 0 Allows advancing to the next level,1 The same level will be played until someone exits, 2 The same level will be played and the exit will kill anybody that tries to exit, 3 The same level will be played and the exit will kill anybody that tries to exit, except on the Start map.
    showdropToggle the display of how many packets you are dropping
    showpacketsShow all network packets
    skillskill setting for progs that support it
   sspawnSpawn the player entity
    spectator_passwordSet the spectator password
    sv_3133735_7h4n_7h0uMatch '1' as 'i' and such in nicks
    sv_accelerateSets the acceleration value for the players
    sv_aimSets the value for auto-aiming leniency
    sv_airaccelerateSets how quickly the players accelerate in air
    sv_allow_logAllow remote logging
    sv_allow_pingsAllow remote pings (qstat etc)
    sv_allow_statusAllow remote status queries (qstat etc)
    sv_allowfakeAllow 'fake' messages (FuhQuake $\). 1 = always, 2 = only say_team
    sv_conmodeSet the console input mode (command, chat)
r   sv_console_pluginPlugin used for the console
r   sv_demoCacheSizeFIXME
    sv_extensionsUse protocol extensions for QuakeForge clients
    sv_filter_automaskAutomatically determine the mask length when it is not explicitely given. e.g. "addip" would be the same as "addip"
    sv_frictionSets the friction value for the players
    sv_gravitySets the global value for the amount of gravity
r   sv_hide_version_infohide QuakeForge specific serverinfo strings from terminally stupid progs (eg, braindead TF variants)
    sv_highcharsToggle the use of high character color names for players
    sv_http_url_baseset to base url for http redirects of downloaded files
    sv_kickfakeKick users sending to send fake talk messages
    sv_logfileControl server console logging. "none" for off, or "filename:gzflags"
    sv_mapcheckToggle the use of map checksumming to check for players who edit maps to cheat
   ssv_maxrateMaximum allowable rate
    sv_maxspeedSets the maximum speed a player can move
    sv_maxticThe maximum amount of time in seconds before a client a receives an update from the server
    sv_maxvelocitySets the maximum velocity an object can travel
r   sv_mem_sizeAmount of memory (in MB) to allocate for the QuakeForge heap
   ssv_minqfversionMinimum QF version on client
    sv_minticThe minimum amount of time the server will wait before sending packets to a client. Set to .5 to make modem users happy
    sv_netdosprotectDoS flood attack protection
    sv_old_entity_freeset this for buggy mods that rely on the old behaviour of entity freeing (eg, *TF)
    sv_phsPossibly Hearable Set. If set to zero, the server calculates sound hearability in realtime
    sv_progsOverride the default game progs.
    sv_progs_extextention mapping to use: none, id, qf, qwe, ktpro, cpqw
    sv_progs_zonesize of the zone for progs in kb
    sv_spectalkToggles the ability of spectators to talk to players
    sv_spectatormaxspeedSets the maximum speed a spectator can move
    sv_stopspeedSets the value that determines how fast the player should come to a complete stop
    sv_timecheck_decayRate at which time inaccuracies are "forgiven".
    sv_timecheck_fuzzMilliseconds of tolerance before time cheat throttling kicks in.
    sv_timecheck_modeselect between timekick (0, default) and timecheck (1)
    sv_timefmtTime/date format to use
   ssv_timekickTime cheat protection
    sv_timekick_fuzzTime cheat "fuzz factor" in milliseconds
    sv_timekick_intervalTime cheat check interval in seconds
    sv_timestampsTime/date stamps in log entries
r   sv_use_cursesSet to 1 to enable curses server console.
    sv_wateraccelerateSets the water acceleration value
    sv_waterfrictionSets the water friction value
    sys_dead_sleepWhen set, the server gets NO cpu if no clients are connected and there's no other activity. *MIGHT* cause problems with some mods.
    sys_extrasleepSet to cause whatever amount delay in microseconds you want. Mostly useful to generate simulated bad connections.
    sys_nostdoutSet to disable std out
    sys_sleepSleep how long in seconds between checking for connections. Minimum is 0, maximum is 13
   steamplayDetermines teamplay rules. 0 off, 1 You cannot hurt yourself nor your teammates, 2 You can hurt yourself, your teammates, and you will lose one frag for killing a teammate, 3 You can hurt yourself but you cannot hurt your teammates
   stimelimitSets the amount of time in minutes that is needed before advancing to the next level
    timeoutSets the amount of time in seconds before a client is considered disconnected if the server does not receive a packet
   swatervisSet nonzero to enable r_wateralpha on clients
    zombietimeThe number of seconds that the server will keep the character of a player on the map who seems to have disconnected
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