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QuakeForge 0.5

  1. There are no menus in the current code so the ESC key will take you to the console rather than the menus that are AWOL
  2. sensitivity is gone. In it's place are in_amp, in_pre_amp, in_mouse_amp and in_mouse_pre_amp, which all multiply together to give you the old sensitivity Here is a schematic.
  3. By default, you will not get any sound output (in fact you will get a warning about being unable to load the null plugin). use +set snd_output plugin on the command line. plugin is one of:
    • alsa0_5 For ALSA 0.5.x
    • alsa0_9 For ALSA 0.9.x
    • oss For OSS in UNIX (Linux kernel sound drivers
    • win For Windows (DirectSound?)
    • sdl For SDL sound (last resort)
    Once you have determined which plugin you wish to use, you can put set snd_output plugin into quakeforge.conf which QuakeForge will look for in /etc in UNIX and %WINDIR% in MS-Windows (unless the HOME environment variable is set to a directory, in which case, QuakeForge will look there)
  4. Any set cvar value command can be placed in this file: one per line.
  5. All commands prefixed by a + on the command line will be executed. (eg, qw-client-x11 +set cl_writecfg 0 +connect quake.server.dom will execute set cl_writecfg 0 and connect quake.server.dom as separate commands)
  6. In UNIX, QuakeForge defaults to looking for the game directories in $prefix/share/games/quakeforge (fs_sharepath) and ~/.quakeforge (fs_userpath).
  7. In MS-Windows, QuakeForge defaults to looking for the game directories in the traditional location (the current directory). fs_sharepath and fs_userpath are available to MS-Windows users, they both default to "."
  8. QuakeForge only ever writes files to fs_userpath, never to fs_sharepath and QuakeForge will search for files within fs_userpath before looking in fs_sharepath
  9. QuakeForge 0.5 has a powerful new key binding system that isn't compatable with the old system, though most configs usually work just fine thanks to a compatability layer. Information about this system can be found here.
  10. Um, I'm tired. You're lucky you got these docs :P. More will follow
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