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QuakeC Virtual Machine (VM)


 Data Access
 Macros for accessing data in the VM address space.
 Edict management
 Miscelaneous functions
 Quake and Quakeworld common builtins
 Resource Management
 Builtin module private data management.
 String Management
 Strings management functions.
 Symbol Management
 Lookup functions for symbol name resolution.
 VM Builtin functions
 Builtin management functions.
 VM Debugging
 Progs debugging support.
 VM memory management.
 Used to allocate and free memory in the VM address space.


typedef struct edict_s edict_t
typedef struct pr_resource_s pr_resource_t
typedef struct progs_s progs_t

Detailed Description


Typedef Documentation

typedef struct edict_s edict_t
typedef struct pr_resource_s pr_resource_t
typedef struct progs_s progs_t